sale of business
Eric Kalde is the author of over 30 practice guides published through the leading Australian legal publishers Precedents Online. Lawyers all over Australia rely on Eric Kalde’s precedents and practice guides in their legal practice.


sale of business

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This book is for anyone who wants to know how to buy or sell a business. It is not legal advice. It is a general overview of the legal process of buying and selling businesses and explains what’s involved.

In this book I make reference to a practice guide. This is a reference to the Practice Guide for Sale of Business in New South Wales, which I have also written and continue to keep up to date. This book follows the basic structure of the guide. The practice guide goes into each topic in more detail and includes documents ready to download and use. It is written for practising lawyers to use in their work with clients. As well as more detailed coverage, it includes links to legislation and documents.

The documents are a collection of legal documents and letters ready to download and use in word. The practice guide has proven to be a bestseller and very popular among lawyers in New South Wales and across Australia. Checklists in printable form are provided as well as precedent documents.

This book is intended as a more condensed guide that distills the essential parts of the practice guide, but without all the links which end up being distracting when trying to read in Kindle format. This book explains the procedure for sale of a business, and gives you the information to enable you to run the transaction. We look at the process both from the seller’s and purchaser’s perspective. There is a chapter devoted to each depending on which party you act for. We also go into detail with respect to several important aspects of sale of business such as the contract itself, issues specific to franchises, leasing issues and some others.