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Leasing a shop or office is different to leasing a house or apartment. Shops, offices, warehouses and factories all fall within Commercial Leasing. There are various types of commercial leases depending on the type of property. Whether you are a landlord (lessor) or tenant (lessee) it is important to get legal advice early.

Landlords have legal obligations that begin even before a lease is signed. Legislation gives tenants rights the minute they set foot on your property. Heavy penalties can be incurred by landlords that do not comply with rules set out by legislation.

Tenants have rights that they may not be aware of. In some situations it is illegal for a landlord to charge the tenant for costs in drawing up a lease. Special disclosures need to be made before leasing out retail property. Be aware of your rights from the beginning.

Sale & Purchase of Business

Selling or purchasing a business is complex. You need to know how to treat assets, goodwill, staff, equipment, property leases and intellectual property.  It is the lawyer’s role to handle all of this in the sale of your business. Your commercial lawyer can also help you with:

  • due diligence,
  • drafting and negotiation special condtitions,
  • contract review,
  • negotiation of commercial terms and,
  • exchange and settlement.
  • Kalde Legal has many years of experience in both the sale and purchase of business.
  • Business assets that may be covered by a sale or purchase include but are not limited to:
  • intellectual property (IP) rights e.g. trade marks
  • real property interests e.g. commercial lease
  • licences and contracts with suppliers 

Make sure you get everything you are paying for. Get us working for you to get the best deal possible.


Wills & Estates

Making a will give you the confidence of knowing your loved ones will be looked after when you are no longer around.

What will happen to my property after I die?

If you have a will, your property will go where you direct it. If you die without making a will, the result will be uncertain. There is a statutory formula that must be followed. The result may not be what you expect. The best way to achieve certainty is by making a will.

How do I make a will?

Call us and discuss your options. We will make suggestions based on your current situation and your wishes. Once we

What is estate planning?

Making plans for your assets after you die is called estate planning. An essential step in estate planning is making a will. There are other things that you can do to safeguard your assets after you die and make sure they go where you want them to. This may involve setting up a trust. We handle all aspects of estate planning. Call us to discuss what is right for you.

Estates and Probate

After a person dies, the executor named in their will normally applies for a grant of probate. The grant of probate is a court order authorizing a person to deal with the assets of the deceased. This is usually the person named as the executor in the will of the deceased. If your spouse, friend or relative died without leaving a will you may be appointed the administrator of the estate, but the procedure is different.

I have been left out of a will. What should I do?

Wills can sometimes be challenged if you have been left out. Particularly if you are a husband, wife, child or lived with someone, you may be able to challenge a will if you have been left out. The time frames for challenging a will are short, so it is important that seek legal advice as soon as possible.


Every business knows that their intellectual property is important. Each business has their own intellectual property which they may wish to protect. A trademark is a great way to protect your business’ intellectual property. 

In order to protect your intellectual property, it is advisable that your business engages a trademark lawyer to protect your brand from being used by another party and to avoid unnecessary costs. Kalde Legal has many years of experience in registering trademarks for businesses and can help you register a trademark and protect your business from any claims to your trademark which may be brought by adverse report.

 Registering trademark involves the following: Identifying the subject matter of the trademark, undertaking a trademark check, picking the class of goods and services that applies to your business’ intellectual property, and sending an application to IP Australia. It is important to engage a trademark lawyer as registration of a trademark in a class that does not apply can result in unnecessary expense. A trademark is valid for 10 years.

 When the trademark has been registered, the ® symbol can be placed adjacent to your intellectual property. This demonstrates to other parties that the trademark is registered and empowers you to make a claim against any party using your brand.

 To learn more about how Kalde Legal can protect your intellectual property, please do not hesitate to contact us.


About Us

Commercial Law & Estate Planning Experts

Commercial Law & Estate Planning Experts

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It helps to have a lawyer who can help you with all aspects of your business. Contracts, commercial leases, trademarks and business structures. There are a lot of things to take care of. Having one lawyer to call can be a big help.

Kalde Legal Commercial Lawyers are experts in Business Law. Eric Kalde is a best selling author on commercial law. We can help you with your business. We cover all aspects of Business Law. We take the time to understand your business before we give you advice. The legal topics we cover include:

  • Leasing
  • Commercial Property
  • Shares
  • Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Intellectual Property
  • Estate Planning

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Eric Kalde is an author and lawyer. Eric is the founder and owner of Kalde Legal Pty Ltd

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“I have used Kalde & Associates for the last 5 years and have found Eric to be easy to deal with, professional and above all, thorough. He breaks down  legal confusion into practical easy and understandable solutions.  I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone.”

Alex Andrews | Founder and Owner  www.metimeplease.com

Alex Andrews

Founder of Me Time Pleae, Me Time

“Congratulations on placing in Australia’s Top 50 Law Firms for 2014 as voted for by your clients, colleagues, and friends. Top 50 Law Firms is Australia’s number one site for promoting law firms in Australia, no matter the size, location or specialisation.”


Elanor Mitchell, www.Top50LawFirms.com.au

Elanor Mitchell

Top 50 Law Firms

“Eric has been invaluable in advising on corporate structures, IP, trade marks, privacy, employment, competition and general legal and business advice.  Highly professional, reasonable and very responsive”  – Matt Wynn-Jones | Co Founder and Director

Matt Wynn-Jones

Director, Counterparts

As counsel, I’ve had the pleasure of being briefed by Mr Kalde on numerous occasions. At all times, I’ve found Eric to be a highly competent, efficient and thorough legal professional who consistently meets his clients’ expectations. He is a senior lawyer and colleague who is always a pleasure to assist because of his courteous and helpful manner, not to mention his friendly attitude.


– Phillipa Kerr, Barrister

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