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What would you stand to lose if the advice you received was given by an inexperienced or junior lawyer? You would not have the benefit of experience and expertise. The man who founded this firm still administers the advice. That is a rare thing in a world where lawyers employ underlings to do their menial work. Unless you are a ‘big’ client you can be overlooked and given junior or inexperienced lawyers to look after your work. We promise not to do that to you.

Eric Kalde has been principal solicitor of Kalde & Associates Commercial Lawyer since founding the firm in 2001.  Prior to that Eric worked in several large commercial law firms in Sydney , and as an in-house lawyer for a large private company.

Over the years Eric has advised entrepreneurs, business leaders of new start up enterprises, and helped manage the affairs of established public and private companies. He brings his wealth of knowledge to his legal practice, books and seminars.

Whilst Eric continues to guide and advise clients on their businesses via his role as principal solicitor in the law firm, he has also begun to share his knowledge via e-books practice guides and seminars.

Kalde & Associates has achieved Australia’s Top 50 Law Firms for 2014 and 2015.



Franchising Practice & Procedure in Australia

Starting a Business in Australia


Buying & Selling a Business in NSW


Buying & Selling a Business in NSW


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“I have used Kalde & Associates for the last 5 years and have found Eric to be easy to deal with, professional and above all, thorough. He breaks down  legal confusion into practical easy and understandable solutions.  I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone.”

Alex Andrews | Founder and Owner

Alex Andrews

Founder of Me Time Pleae, Me Time

“Congratulations on placing in Australia’s Top 50 Law Firms for 2014 as voted for by your clients, colleagues, and friends. Top 50 Law Firms is Australia’s number one site for promoting law firms in Australia, no matter the size, location or specialisation.”


Elanor Mitchell,

Elanor Mitchell

Top 50 Law Firms

“Eric has been invaluable in advising on corporate structures, IP, trade marks, privacy, employment, competition and general legal and business advice.  Highly professional, reasonable and very responsive”  – Matt Wynn-Jones | Co Founder and Director
Matt Wynn-Jones

Director, Counterparts

As counsel, I’ve had the pleasure of being briefed by Mr Kalde on numerous occasions. At all times, I’ve found Eric to be a highly competent, efficient and thorough legal professional who consistently meets his clients’ expectations. He is a senior lawyer and colleague who is always a pleasure to assist because of his courteous and helpful manner, not to mention his friendly attitude.


– Phillipa Kerr, Barrister

Phillipa Kerr


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Business & Commercial Law Expert

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