Every business knows that their intellectual property is important. Each business has their own intellectual property which they may wish to protect. A trademark is a great way to protect your business’ intellectual property.


In order to protect your intellectual property, it is advisable that your business engages a trademark lawyer to protect your brand from being used by another party and to avoid unnecessary costs. Kalde Legal has many years of experience in registering trademarks for businesses and can help you register a trademark and protect your business from any claims to your trademark which may be brought by adverse report.


Registering trademark involves the following: Identifying the subject matter of the trademark, undertaking a trademark check, picking the class of goods and services that applies to your business’ intellectual property, and sending an application to IP Australia. It is important to engage a trademark lawyer as registration of a trademark in a class that does not apply can result in unnecessary expense. A trademark is valid for 10 years.


When the trademark has been registered, the ® symbol can be placed adjacent to your intellectual property. This demonstrates to other parties that the trademark is registered and empowers you to make a claim against any party using your brand.


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