Sale and Purchase of Business



Selling or purchasing a business is complex. You need to know how to treat assets, goodwill, staff, equipment, property leases and intellectual property.  It is the lawyer’s role to handle all of this in the sale of your business. Your commercial lawyer can also help you with:

due diligence,

drafting and negotiation special condtitions,

contract review,

negotiation of commercial terms and,

exchange and settlement.

Kalde Legal has many years of experience in both the sale and purchase of business.

Business assets that may be covered by a sale or purchase include but are not limited to:

  • intellectual property (IP) rights e.g. trade marks
  • real property interests e.g. commercial lease
  • licences and contracts with suppliers


Make sure you get everything you are paying for. Get us working for you to get the best deal possible.



Buying & Selling a Business in NSW