Unfortunately, customers who don’t pay are a fact of life. Businesses go awry for various reasons and you end up not getting paid for stock you have already shipped.

Most businesses’ client engagement documents are minimal or non-existent. We can design some new ones for you that will make debt recovery a lot easier and more effective if that becomes necessary. You may even have less delinquent accounts as a result. We can do this by:
Giving you rights that allow you to secure the debt and legitimately charge interest and debt recovery expenses if you need to.

Making you a secured creditor by way of a PPSR charge. This operates in the same way as a company charge, effectively mortgaging everything the company owns to secure what they owe you.
Presenting you as a professional organisation from the beginning by showing the client your terms of trade in a concise, non-threatening manner.

We can evaluate and redesign your company’s terms of engagement with your customers for a reasonable flat fee that will pay for itself. Contact us for more information.