Our Response to COVID-19

Our legal services remain available and dependable for the foreseeable future. Our office is well-equipped to continue to support our clients through the use of established online and cloud-based facilities.

As we receive new information and recommendations our staff may commence working from home for a portion of the workweek or entirely. Irrespective of this, we will always be contactable during business hours by phone and by email. Our contact details have not changed. Please bear with us in the event of any delays.

Meetings will be conducted over the phone wherever possible. If this is not practicable, will we conduct meetings in our office. We ask that you inform us if you are feeling unwell or have had contact with anyone who may have come in contact with COVID-19 prior to any meetings in person.

We wish to express our gratitude for your continuing support as we work towards cooperatively maintaining the well-being of all.

Eric Kalde – Kalde Legal

Commercial Law Expert