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It is a commercial reality that finding the right people with the right skill and experience is not as simple as we would like it to be, add to this the importance of having a healthy and productive work culture and we rapidly see the benefits of having a diverse workplace.


Whether you are looking for a general work, skilled, or business visa in Australia, or an unexpected opportunity has presented itself that you need to act on, migrating to Australia is both exciting and complex.


Without skilled and specialised support and advice, failing to properly navigate Australia’s extensive and complex regulations and laws governing migration can have lasting consequences for securing your visa, establishing your business and migrating in general.


With Kalde Legal’s support we can assist you with securing sponsored general or skilled visas, skilled independent and identify pathways to permanent residence.


The Australian Temporary Skills Shortage & Skilled migration program is the most successful permanent visa program in Australia with just over 120,000 visas granted each year. Australia needs Skilled migrants due to its skill shortage. There are several popular pathways in this category matching your occupation on the skilled occupation list (SOL) requiring you to meet the skilled points test.


Temporary Skills Shortage

The Australian employer sponsorship program offers the most opportunities for job security in Australia for international migrants with an employer wishing to sponsor a skilled employee or an employee wishing to find a sponsoring company. This program helps an employer fulfil their skilled staffing needs to meet the demand for a business operation in successfully performing the duties, enabling long-term security for the business and the employee.


State or Territory Nomination

Each State or Territory Government in Australia have minimum eligibility requirements for visa nomination or sponsorship for a business visa or skilled visa applicants; nominates eligible visas and priority occupations for the Skilled Nominated and Regional (Provisional) Skilled Nominated visa categories; and processes those applications separately from an application for any visa.


If nominated, applicants are given an automatic invitation to apply for a visa from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Each State or Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Act, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia has its own skilled occupations list, and this can be found on the state government’s website. The occupations that are listed are classed as open, limited or closed.



  • Temporary Skill Shortage 482 Visa
  • Skilled Independent 189 Visa
  • Skilled Nominated 190 Visa
  • Skilled Regional Provisional 491 Visa
  • Skilled Regional Permanent 191 Visa


  • Standard Business Sponsorship Application
  • State or Territory Nomination Application

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