Life as a Solicitor

When Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI ‘first…kill all the lawyers,’ he was writing at a time where the monarch reigned supreme, and laws were quite literally the dictates of the ruler of the day – sometimes formulated at the whim of the king or queen. But much as changed. We live in a democratic age where lawyers act in the best interests of their clients to ensure that the outcome they have will be the best one possible. Particularly in the commercial world, lawyers have often been described as greasing the wheels of commerce. To a large extent this is true. Commercial lawyers see their role as guiding their clients through their business transactions. At Kalde Legal, this pertains primarily to commercial leasing agreements, sales of business, property transactions such as the sale and purchase of land, as well as residential tenancy agreements. Naturally, a lawyer is only as good as their last matter and much of our business is by way of referral. For this reason, many of our clients have referred to us wills and estates matters as well as powers of attorney. If you are looking for a commercial lawyer with big firm experience, but with the attention to detail and care of a small law firm, call Kalde Legal today.