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The first burning question about a legal problem is normally centred around how the situation occurred in the first place. The question that flows from that is what could have been done to prevent it. And ultimately we want to know


How did I get into this situation?

Legal problems in business are often discovered by accident. You are served with court papers or you discover that someone has stolen your copyright material or trademark. Is there something you could have done to prevent it? This leads us to suggesting what you can do to prevent it happening again. That’s the second big question.


How do I prevent my legal problem from occurring again?


Once we’ve established how your legal problem occurred, we have exposed a weak point in your business model. If you allow this problem to go unrepaired, you may find yourself in a similar situation again. There is nothing more frustrating in business than facing the same situation and knowing there is something you could have done to prevent it.


How do I solve my legal problem?

You need to know how to solve the situation in front of you. As well as telling you what could have done:

  • to avoid the problem
  • to help your situation in the event that a similar problem occurs again

all that information is not going to help you until you implement it. You need to know what you can do now. We tell you the solution to the problem you have right in front of you.

Value for money

We give you value for money in answering the big three questions most people want to know about their legal problem:

  1. How did I get into this situation?
  2. How do I solve my problem?
  3. How do I prevent this situation from occurring again?

If you receive meaningful answers to these questions you get value for money regardless of the outcome. The problem you are currently facing is teaching you something about your business. If you listen carefully and act on what you learn, you will end up with a stronger, more profitable business.



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