Commercial Legal Advice


Commercial Legal Advice is required to succeed in business, advice on contracts,  deeds, letters, difficult situations and forward planning. Legal advice is essential when you find yourself in a difficult situation. Good legal advice is also essential in avoiding those difficult legal situations in the first place.

Our clients avoid trouble by obtaining our advice before proceeding. This begins from the startup phase of a business to succession planning in established enterprises.

The difference between success and failure in business is very often determined by getting the right advice.

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Starting a Business in Australia

This is a book about starting a business. It provides a map, compass and checklist for starting a business from the ground up. I explain the process, and recommend the order in which you do things. I make suggestions about important steps, and factors you can give a...

Handy hints when selling your business.

Getting Ready for Sale Selling Your Business - Some helpful hints Maximise the selling price of your business before you list it for sale. Listing your business for sale without checking the things purchasers will look for first will cause you problems. The sale will...

Small Business Your Free Book

Small Business & The Law. WHY YOU MUST COMPLY   The law (ASIC)  enforces that a small business must comply under the laws whether you are a small business, business name or a registered company in Australia.  As the business owner, you are responsible to...

Can I borrow money from my own company?

Can I borrow money from my own company? Yes, but be careful the ATO doesn’t tax you on it. Unwritten loans are taxed as dividends by the ATO. But there is a way to avoid this sneaky deeming provision. Read on. Those of you fortunate enough to own your own company may...