How to Change Your Lawyer?




How do you know when to change your lawyer? Go with your gut feeling. If you cannot get them on the phone, and they seem too busy to deal with your work it’s time to consider a change. To help make up your mind, consider asking yourself the following questions:


  • Are your legal fees increasing year after year?
  • Are you getting the most from your lawyer?
  • Does your current lawyer understand your business?
  • Is your current lawyer an expert in commercial law?


You know when it’s time to consider changing lawyers. Once you’ve decided to make the change, how do you do it?




Changing lawyers


Once you have decided that your existing lawyer is not working out for you, how do you change? Sometimes people stay with the same lacklustre legal representation because they feel awkward about confronting their old lawyer, or they don’t know what to do. here’s some good news:


  • You don’t need to confront your old lawyer or even speak to them.
  • Your new lawyer will arrange the transfer of files.


You will need to confirm with your new lawyer that they agree to act for you. Then send a polite but direct letter to your old lawyer asking them to transfer their files, such as the example below. Click on the link to download a sample letter you can edit and use yourself.


how to change your lawyer?


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