The right advice


In business, the well informed profit at the expense of the ignorant. Successful business leaders all have one thing in common: they have good advisors. Unsuccessful entrepreneurs are all the same on this point too: They lack good advice. There are many situations in which good advice will be the deciding factor in whether your situation will  turn out for the better or for the worse.

Success or failure in business depends partly on having a trusted group of advisors around you; a good accountant and a good lawyer are essential. When it comes to selecting a lawyer for your business, it helps to have an expert in commercial law. This means that your lawyer is dealing with issues relating to business on a daily basis. This creates expertise, and that expertise is then applied to answering your question when you go to your lawyer for advice.

Sometimes imagination can be more important than knowledge. Extensive knowledge in commercial law is of course essential in your commercial lawyer. Imagination can be equally if not more important. Most commercial lawyers have knowledge. Not all of them have imagination.

Imagination is what allows your lawyer to suggest a practical solution to your problem that does not come directly from law school, or the conventional way things have always been done. We have imagination. It’s what sets us apart and what will ultimately set your business apart.


How do I get legal advice?

We make sure you walk away with value regardless of the advice we give. We do this by asking the the three big questions in relation to your problem.  And we give you the answers. The answers to those questions will strengthen your business moving forward. And that ensures your business’ long term growth and success.




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