Legal Advice

In order to succeed in business, you will need advice on contracts, deeds, letters you receive from other lawyers difficult situations you find yourself in. Legal advice is essential when you find yourself in a tricky situation. Good legal advice is also essential in avoiding those difficult legal situations in the first place.
Our client avoids all sorts of trouble by obtaining our advice on commercial Leases, Shareholder Agreements and other sorts of Contracts before they sign them. Sometimes this allows our client to negotiate better terms and conditions before signing. Occasionally our clients decide not to sign on the dotted line at all. Some of your best deals are sometimes the ones you walk away from.
Looking still further ahead we provide advice on enterprise strategy and business succession planning, including the creating of wills, trusts, and testamentary trusts to ensure the smooth succession of business ownership from one generation to the next. No matter how far ahead you want to look, we can help you plan the future you want.

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